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Chronic Fatigue?

I’ve a strong urge to answer the question above with a swift ‘No thank you’ and let that be it, but it seems that opportunity has passed despite my best attempts at denial over the course of several months. In fairness, some of the denial was heavily influenced by a complete lack of some of the symptoms that categorise this rather complex condition, and by many standards, even the glaringly obvious symptoms are relatively mild: at no time have I been confined to my bed with totally debilitating fatigue, and neither have I been crippled with pain or been dangerously close to collapse when out and about in public places.

But I am fatigued, chronically, and sleep has been hit and miss with the emphasis on miss, so I’m also frequently tired. And whilst I haven’t fallen apart in public, I’ve certainly come crashing down emotionally at home with angry and tearful anxiety over highly important matters such as which coat to go out in! And whilst I still maintain that I’m one of the lucky ones…