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Are We Vegan?

It’s an obvious question considering how we, Graham and I, live and considering in particular the nature of the food we make available via the work we do. The answer, however, is no. If you are vegan, I urge you not to run away at this point, assuming the worst, in fact can I ask you to stay a while longer? There’s something I’d like to say to you.
The ‘no’ is because veganism isn’t big enough (this is not to be confused with not good enough; action based on compassion is always good enough). Like so many people, we were driven to make changes to what we eat essentially for selfish reasons, to better our health, and we have done just that. In doing so, our food choices have transformed significantly from what they once were and these changes have brought with them new realisations that extend way beyond our own personal health. What seemed to be borne primarily out of self-interest now looks more like an act of self-love, something the British, at least, are culturally uncomfortable wi…