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Your Own Scientist

If most of us are interested in answering questions and acquiring knowledge concerning the observable universe, then science must surely be important to us? We’re curious beings, ambitious to know and understand more than we did before and science provides us with both the means to investigate the world, as well as the ensuing results that impact so significantly on what we believe and how we behave. If you think I may be building science up only to knock it down.., no, absolutely not. I’m definitely a fan.
But there is something I would like to question which is less about science itself, and more about our relationship with it. Have you heard of opiorphin? Possibly not, and if you were reading any scientific papers prior to 2006 then definitely not; there was no such thing. Well, actually that’s hugely inaccurate, it’s likely to have been in existence for … who knows? Thousands of years? But if it hasn’t been discovered, does it exist? (I still don’t know if a falling tree makes any …